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Welcome to this Baseball Backpack site where you would find valuable reviews and best deals on various baseball bags, especially backpacks designed for baseball players. If you are looking to buy the right baseball backpack, read on and you would soon find the best deals available in the market.

Even though baseball backpack is not an official baseball equipment, it has become an indispensable item to carry the necessary baseball gear.

Baseball Backpack - Easton Tote Bag

Easton Tote Bag

Any serious baseball player would like to get the right baseball bag to carry his expensive baseball gear – bat, gloves, helmet, catchers equipment and other equipments. Baseball equipment bags (or commonly called baseball bags) come in various sizes and styles depending on the amount of equipment you intend on carrying.

What Are Types Of Baseball Bags Available?

The most basic is one which is designed to hold only one bat while some can hold bats, gloves, balls, catcher gear, cleats, other non-baseball accessories like mobile phones and iPods.

Typically there are four types of baseball bags:-

1. Standard baseball equipment bags

They are typically lightweight and come with an adjustable neck strap and is padded with cushion for comfort.

2. Backpack baseball bags (also known as baseball backpack)

Baseball Backpack - Mizuno Organizer G2 Batpack

Mizuno Organizer G2 Batpack

Also commonly called baseball backpacks, they are actually regular backpacks designed with a slot specifically to hold a baseball bat. Baseball backpack allows you to free your hands for carrying other items. These backpacks are typically made of durable materials that can take a lot of wear and tear. Materials used could either be nylon or canvas. These backpack style baseball bags come in small and large sizes that could hold multiple bats and have numerous storage compartments specially designed for all of your baseball gear including shoes and balls. The simplest baseball backpack will be able to accommodate one baseball bat, one pair of gloves and one helmet.

3. Wheeled baseball bags

Baseball Backpack - Louisville Slugger Kozmo Equipment Bag

Loiusville Slugger Kozmo Equipment Bag

They are equipped with wheels which make it easier to transport large amounts of baseball gear. This type of rolling baseball bag typically comes with a handle that can be folded down for storage and pulled up for movement. Again wheeled baseball bags come in small sizes for individuals and in very large sizes to accommodate several bats with a lot of space for holding other gear and accessories.

4. Travel baseball bags

They are specifically designed with a compact shape to easily fit in the boot of a car or be taken as part of your luggage when traveling by airplane. These bags normally come with very sturdy straps for the hand or shoulder. In addition they have an opening on either end that is U-shaped to slide in or out your equipment.

What are the most popular brands of baseball backpack available in the market?

As regards to baseball backpack bags, we are going to review some popular brands such as:

You could go to the specific pages in this site to read more in-depth reviews of the above popular brands of baseball backpack. In addition to reviews on baseball backpack, we are also putting up some contents related to the game of baseball.